Annual Awards

At each Competitive ride, placing rosettes and sometimes prizes are awarded to the competitors in each class for that ride based on the points score attained. These are presented on the day. Pleasure riders also receive rosettes on the day for completing their pleasure mileage.

However, the competitive points are then weighted according to the distance if over 20 miles e.g. 1.5 weighting for 30 miles and double weighting for 40 miles. These weighted points are then accumulated during the ride year (January to December) and at the end of the year a range of annual awards are calculated and presented.

Next Step points are not included in the above – they are not weighted and they have their own award category.

In addition to this any rider completing a Pleasure class may submit a pleasure mileage sheet. These mileages are then recorded and are also accumulated to give the total for the year.

There are the following categories of awards:

Competitive awards – Competitive members only based on results from Competitive classes 20 miles or above.

Next Step award – Competitive or Pleasure members based on results only in these classes

Pleasure awards – based on mileage sheets submitted and Next Step mileage but for Pleasure members only

Mileage awards – based on all mileage - Competitive, Next Step and Pleasure and for all members.

As the ride year reaches towards the end there is a buzz as to who will win the coveted Champion awards both in Competitive and Pleasure categories.

Awards are made at both National and local Group level and are now presented at one special social event held in the first quarter of the following ride year.