Rules & Etiquette

For our full set of rules see our rule book:

Rule Book


We are a very friendly organisation but certain etiquette is required.


ALWAYS ask permission, giving reasonable notice and consideration for the chance to overtake.  Please be patient and courteous when wishing to pass.  If you are on a narrow track, try and look ahead to see if there is space for that person to let you pass, if not, you must wait.

NEVER canter past another horse and rider.  If the person you have asked to pass asks you to be careful or to walk, please respect their wishes as they are the ones that knows their horse and what it may be capable of.  Remember to look out for tail ribbons! Your horse might not need to wear one but you need to be aware of what they mean in case you come across them.

Know Your Tail Ribbons

RED – Stay Back I KICK

Green – I’m a Novice Horse or Rider

Blue – I’m a stallion

Special ride instructions:

If a ride states that you must "stay off the verges" for example, this has been done for a reason. Compulsory walk areas are compulsory walk areas for a reason.  We are very fortunate to have some of the most amazing routes to ride, but this depends on the goodwill of landowners and local residents.

We ask all our riders to be courteous and respectful at times.


Please read the guidance notes on this website but for a full set of our current rules please see our rule book at the top of the page: