Welcome to Sport Endurance

Covid-19 Update 5 June

Thank you for your continued patience during these uncertain and unprecedented times, we continue to plan and look ahead to resuming the riding together that we have all missed so much.

Many of you may have seen the headlines regarding the return to competitive sport. However, the guidance issued has not yet provided us with the ability to restart our activities. Based on the Government’s published ‘Our plan to rebuild: The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy’, we are working towards being able to recommence rides as soon as we are able to do so.

The Government indications are that restrictions may be further relaxed from 4th July.  As our rides involve many parties and planning it is only practicable to list and open future events once it is confirmed by the Government that their own conditions for this relaxation have been met and that the restrictions will indeed be lifted on that date.

Until then all our rides are in the "Postponed" status and no bookings are possible on the rides that were listed at the time of the lockdown being imposed.  They have been left listed to allow for cancellations (and then refunds) should the riders have the need to do so.

When rides do return we fully expect that it will be a unique experience for all as it will be dependent on us being able to deliver a safe, socially distanced sport, and we are confident that we can do this.

Sport Endurance is a National Endurance/Long Distance riding organisation, offering both competitive and pleasure rides for all ages and abilities of rider and permitting riders to ride across land not normally accessible.

Our competition scoring is based on the continental formula and we provide a good introduction to the world of endurance riding, enabling riders to progress up to 50 miles plus.

All our rides have pleasure classes - whether you ride a Shetland or a Shire we have rides to cater for everyone. 

EQUINE FLU VACCINATIONS  Riders are required to carry their horse passports at all times and horses must have up to date vaccination against equine influenza. The Sport Endurance minimum requirement is either an annual booster within the last 12 months or the first two vaccinations of a new programme.

By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions when booking a ride, you are confirming that your horse will have the required vaccination against equine influenza on the day of the ride. You may be refused entry to the venue if this is not the case.