Credit and Vouchers

How Credit Works

We no longer use credit notes - you just have a total amount of credit on your account. You can check what credit you have by using the tab in your account. When you purchase anything from the website, any credit will be used before asking you to pay the balance.

Using Coupons in Checkout

If you have a received a Coupon voucher code since the new system has gone live then enter it into the discount coupon box and the amount will be deducted from the amount to pay. 

You can only use a coupon if it is not more than the total amount of the order. If it isn't, you need to make your order up to at least the amount of the voucher by adding another item or adding gift voucher(s). If you make it up by adding gift vouchers, then put this in the notes and the office will put credit on your account to the value of the gift voucher. This will automatically be used the next time you place an order.