Mission Statement


In 2005, in response to an increasing demand from endurance riders past and present, a new endurance riding group was launched. A number of like-minded individuals formed a competitive national sporting organisation to provide equal opportunities for everyone, at all levels, to enjoy endurance and long-distance riding.

The group, called Sport Endurance, aims to use modern technology coupled with innovative ideas and rules which are in line with the rest of Europe, to move the sport of endurance riding into the 21st century

The following aims were written at the time:

The intention is to encourage groups and regional associations. These will be autonomous. The central management committee will focus on the organisation as a whole ensuring consistency of policy, rules and finance across the organisation. We will put in systems that will focus on modern technology. Membership on line, ride entry on line and payment by credit card will all be possible. Ride results will be available on our website within 48 hours of the ride. Our plan is to do away with the master card in favour of a members’ account system, which will carry everything a member needs to know.

Our Mission is:

To provide a nationally recognised organisation that respects its membership and promotes the Sport of Endurance Riding.

The Vision for the short to medium term is:
To form a modern, professional, national sporting Endurance Riding organisation which provides equal opportunities to all, whatever their experience.

The Values on which we are basing the organization are:

  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Sportsmanship
  • Integrity
  • Tolerance
  • Care

Our decisions and development in the first instance will be based on these values. They will set the direction and cultural ethos of the organisation.

Aims and Objectives

We are an equal opportunities organisation offering riders the choice to join a group which values sportsmanship, integrity, trust and tolerance, and places the welfare of its members and their horses as its primary responsibility.

  1. To provide endurance riding at all levels for all.
  2. To demonstrate a duty of care to all our members by providing a safe and healthy environment for riders and horses to participate in the sport of Endurance Riding.
  3. To promote horsemanship within the sport.
  4. To ensure horse welfare at all times.
  5. To disseminate knowledge of the sport.
  6. To develop and advance the sport of endurance riding.
  7. To derive pleasure and competition from the sport.
  8. To encourage young people to participate in the sport and develop relations and co-operation with schools and other organisations in the furtherance of the sport.
  9. To train and develop stewards and judges to administer the sport.
  10. To promote a drug free sport.