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To Join,  Renew or re-Join just purchase the membership subscription of your choice. 

Age 4 to 12 years as at end December of the ride year.

We cater for everyone and want our juniors to enjoy the fun too. Subscription is £10 for 12 months from 1st March. The minimum age for riders is 4.

Whether on lead rein (compulsory for under 7's)  or escorted by an adult this is the starting point for our little ones. Junior Riders may also compete as long as they ride with another adult competitive rider.

Members can submit mileage for all rides if riding a horse registered with SE. For pleasure members there are annual awards based on this mileage. Our competitive members accumulate points which count towards competitive awards as well as mileage counting for overall mileage awards.

All lead rein riders must be accompanied by an adult on foot and all Juniors not on a lead rein must be accompanied by an adult who has also booked on the ride.

Junior Pleasure Rider (2024)

Junior Pleasure Rider (2024)

Junior Rider - 12 or under as at 31st December 2024. (includes Next Step)

Price: £10.00



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