Levels / Upgrades


For competition purposes both riders and horses are graded according to their experience. As their experience grows they may enter longer distances and ride at greater speeds. The entry level with no qualification required is GREEN. You can work your way through the levels up to our top level of competition which is BLUE level.


Entry level. No qualification required


2 x 20 mile & 1 x 30 mile rides completed



RED level + 1 x 30 + 1 x 40 mile rides completed


RED level + WHITE level + 1 x 40 mile + 1 x 50 mile rides completed






Qualifying rides in each category (red, white and blue) can be completed in any order, but a member or horse may only progress one level per season.

Ride classes may be Limited Speed (LS), Free Speed (FS) or Endurance Ride (ER). The qualification to ride FS classes is White level, but riders not at this level may ride some FS classes provided there is an endorsement on their colour grading. Completion of 6 rides at 20 miles or above qualifies for an endorsement of 20FS and completion of 6 rides at 30 miles or more qualifies for an endorsement of 30FS.

So, the possible grades for rider or horse are:


Classes qualified to enter


20LS, 30LS

Green 20FS

 20FS, 30LS


20LS, 30LS, 40LS

Red 20FS

20FS, 30LS, 40LS

Red 30FS

 20FS, 30FS, 40LS


All distances FS or ER to 50 miles


All FS or ER classes any distance

To enter any class both rider and horse must be qualified and the horse must be a minimum of 5 years old in the current calendar year to enter LS classes and 7 years old for FS and ER classes.

It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that both they and their horse have the official grade for the class they enter – it is not sufficient just to have done the qualifying rides. To upgrade, a request must be made to the office where the qualification will be verified and an upgrade awarded.