Horse Selection when Booking


You must select a registered horse in order for your booking to be valid. Any horses registered to you will appear right at the top above the main list, under the heading 'My Horses'. Otherwise you can select any horse from the main list, which is in alphabetic order - the horse number is in brackets. Be sure to select the correct horse as you will not be able to change this once you have booked.

Next Step Class

If you are booking a Next Step Class, please select a horse as shown above. If the horse you are riding is not registered with SE, please over type the box with the name of your horse.

Pleasure Riders

It is not necessary to select a horse when entering a pleasure class as horses don't need to be registered with SE, but members can do so if they wish to submit mileage for awards. This acts as a reminder of which horse you rode. (Mileage is now entered on-line after the ride). Non-members may enter the horse name if they wish for their own records, by over typing the box. If you decide to ride another horse, you don't need to let us know.