Barton Autumn 2019 Camping

Barton Autumn 2019 Camping

Barton Autumn 2019 Camping and Corralling for Saturday night

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NB: If you are booking camping and corralling places for others besides yourself, please put their names in the comments box.

RIDE DATE: Sunday 1st September 2019

LOCATION: Barton Equestrian Centre, Barton in Fabis, Notts. NG11 0AA

ENTRY FEES:   £5 per person, £5 per horse per night. (Put people bookings in your basket then go back and put horse bookings in your basket - you can also book your ride entry at the same time)

RIDE ORGANISER: Dave Harding. Email enquires to 

VENUE TYPE:  Field Parking

FACILITIES: Cafe, Toilets, water on site.