Grendon Spring 2019

Ease your way into the new Competitive season with an early spring starter. Enjoy the fields, Headlands and endless canter opportunities of Grendon.

Ride Date:

10 Mar

This ride has been completed

  • Grendon, Atherstone, B790HD
  • Sport Endurance
  • 20FS, 20LS, 15RS, Next Step, Pleasure Ride, Lead Rein
Elizabeth Athorn (1), gabrielle batty (1), Abi Bicknell (1), Chantelle Callanan (1), Lucy Carter (1), Charlotte Chadwick (1), Victoria Constable (1), Julie Cooney (1), Rebecca Dixon (1), Celia Dyson (1), Kathryn Ellis (1), Alfie Flatt (1), Sarah Frost (1), Sacha Furlong (1), Paula Gallon (1), Angela Gealy (1), Jessica Green (1), Nicola Grey (1), Julie Griffiths (1), Susan Guyler (1), Jill Hancock (1), Marie Hanlon (1), Dave Harding (1), Gillian Hasberry (1), Terry Hobin (1), Mary Holland (1), Suzanne Huddlestone (1), Sarah Hutchinson (1), Alma James (1), Claire King (1), Katie Lovatt (1), Rob Mallinson (1), Stacey Marshall (1), Camilla Mascall (1), Gina Mawby (1), Lynn Mcintosh (1), Helen Morgan (1), Jenny Needham (1), Susan Norcop (1), Aline Peat (1), Katy Reddington (1), Sarah Reece (1), Jessica Reynolds (1), Heather Scholefield (1), Caroline Sheffield (1), Jane Sherrett (1), Katie Smith (1), LISA SMITH (1), Karen Smyth (1), Lucinda Sweet (1), Vivien Tebbatt (1), Hayley Thorpe (1), Gary Tidy (1), rachel treasure (1), Tina Turner (1), Amanda Twigger (1), Lottie Watson (1), Lisa Watson (1), Rebecca Watson (1), Victoria White (1), Maxine Williams (1), Ryan Woodhall (1), Laura Worthington (1)

RIDE DATE: Sunday 10th March 2019

Please note that there has been a last minute change to the Venue due to ground conditions, the farmer has given us alternate parking between his two farms - all hard standing:

Competitive riders need to go to Bentley Farm
Pleasure riders go from ElmsFarm, Audrey Road, Warton, B790HG

CLOSING DATE FOR COMPETITIVE ENTRIES/ LAST DATE FOR CANCELLATIONS AND EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT: Monday 4th March 2019 NB No credits or refunds will be given after this date

LOCATION:  Grendon, Atherstone, B79 0HD

CLASSES:  Competitive – 20FS, 20LS, 15RS

                  Next Step (15NS)

                 Pleasure ride (PR). Approx 11,15 and 20 mile options - decide on the day.

                 Lead rein (LR). 5 miles

ENTRY FEES:    Competitive Ride – £25 members only

                       Next Step – members £20, Non-member £25

                Pleasure Ride – Sport Endurance member £20, non-member £25
                      ***£3 discount only if book on-line by published date***

           Juniors (12 and under end December 2019 )   £10      

START TIMES: First competitive vetting 9am. Pleasure riders start any time between 10.30am and 12.00 noon

RIDE ORGANISER:  Julie Cooney    

ENTRIES: No postal entries. Please book on line. For web help please phone 07884 941697. Pleasure ride entries on the day may be available if ride not full (CASH correct money only £20 member, £25 non-member, £10 Junior) - please check the website to ensure ride not full.

VENUE TYPE: Field parking.

FACILITIES: Catering.   No Water

RIDE DETAILS: Predominantly off road using HATS permit land and local bridleways. Plenty of canter opportunities.  Minimal roadwork on quiet lanes.  Optional river crossing.  Some gates which we hope to have propped open.